Friday, February 11, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 1

At this weeks lab1 at St. Mary's I had a great time working with the students. They were very cooperative with the games that we played, although there were a few reluctant students who wanted to do their own thing at first but once they saw how much fun the other kids were having they jumped right in. I taught my tag game to the students who seemed to enjoy it very much, and I do recognize that I did some things that could have been improved on. Speaking loudly to the students is very important so they recognize that you are an authority figure and so the kids can understand what you are saying and arent confused by the game. If the students are not sating focused you must do something to get back their attention by asking them to clap 1 time if they can hear you or something along those lines. Perhaps the most valuable thing that I learned at this first lab is that the kids do not have very long attention spans, so you have to be quick but clear in your directions, because we know that all they want to do is play.