Friday, March 25, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 3 Western Theme

At this weeks Lab 3 at St. Marys my group the Hopscotch Heroes were the gym group again so we got to teach the children our games with a western theme. We dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls, and in my opinion I thought everybody looked great and the costumes were awesome. While teaching my game called Sherrifs and Deputies I used some different techniques that I hadent used in previous labs. I projected my voice showing the children that I was the teacher and that they should listen to me, another technique that I used was to not suggest the game that we were going to play but rather tell the students that we were playing sherrifs and deputies. By doing both of these differently thet students payed attention and in turn cooperated with me and my game a lot better. The kids were able to perform the skills of leaping, horizontal jumps, and sliding pretty well, but the leap started to turn into a run not a leap. This was a fun lab and I enjoyed working with the kids a great deal in Mondays lab!

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